Trip to Venice

A while back, I promised an update on our trip to Venice. The truth is: I travel a lot and find myself rarely impressed with new cities. Its not that I don’t love visiting place, wandering through the corners of unknown places, breathing in the difference and the similarities,  and sampling the cuisine. But, most places, in this cosmopolitan world, don’t feel THAT different from other things I have seen before. Admittedly, it is fun seeing new places through the eyes of my husband and daughter, However, nothing leaves me speechless anymore. Except Venice did.

I think Venice did because it was fundamentally different that other places I have been.  The canals, taxi boats, and picture perfect touristy gondolas, spoke to me.  What the city touristy?  Yes.  Did we do lots of tourist things?  No.  We had a toddler.  We wandered.  We stopped for coffee and gelato.  We got ourselves lost.  We unlost ourselves.  We boat tall rain boots.  We giggled as we had to push our way around the city on raised walkways.  I admit, living in Venice would be hard and annoying; however, visiting for a few days and seeing the splendor of this sinking city was wonderful.  And, I walked around in awe of all the beauty and joy as my daughter learned the word “AGUA” and got to use it often.  Rain = agua.  Canals = agua.  Floors = agua.  Water at the coffee shops = agua.

Loved the little canals where you could see real people living.
Loved Venice at night with all the lights reflecting in the water.
Love the paintings on the walls and was incredibly impressed at how much work it must take to maintain in this damp climate.
Loved how everyone had their own boat.
Loved the food.


Loved turning a corner just to be met with a water dead-end.
Loved turning a corner just to be met with a water dead-end.


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