Those annoying tax preparers


You know those really annoying people? The ones who do their taxes as soon as they have the paperwork? The ones who do their taxes by hand and smugly say that they always find errors when TurboTax or other services do their taxes? The people who won’t spend money to have their taxes done and say so in a way that comes across as condescending?


Big confession: I am one of those people. Except. Except, I really try not to be smug or condescending. I try very hard to rub it in.  I think I just comes off that way because I think my taxes are easy which to anyone who hates taxes just sounds rude, arrogant, and possibly impossible. Heck, this year they are way easier than when I had to do multiple state taxes or deal with Virginia! Also, honestly, my taxes are easy compared to many people. I only have earnings listed on my W2. No property. No investments. No business. No fancy deductions and very few credits.  The only complication is having a non-US Citizen spouse with whom I jointly file, but that really only took one year to figure out how to deal with.

Please don’t hate me. There are so many other areas of my life that I fail. Plus, I need the return. I budget for it. I also, after that one year (damn you 2008) that I had to actually pay taxes, and it almost killed me (I had no real job at the time), I have always made sure that I will have a return.

So, the problem? I decided to do my taxes while on vacation. I swear that this is easier. I work a full time job and come home to a toddler who I love to give attention to. Weekends are filled with errands, spending time with the Little Elephant, and hoping I get to take a nap.  Vacation allows me to spend time with my daughter and then hand her off to the grandparents and take a nap.  Then, well rested, not worrying about work or getting up in the morning, I can do my taxes.   However, in an epic fail, we failed to bring my husband’s SSN with us on vacation plus my bank changed ownership and therefore has a new routing number which I don’t know and don’t have.  Grr.

Guess my taxes will late (for me) this year and my vacation even more laid back.


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