Budding gardener hates dirt

Who knew manual labor was so much fun?

Like so many of these stories, this love affair started with a hose. We had just moved to a new house. Actually,we had moved out of an apartment and city life into a house with a garden, a plum tree, a lemon tree, some rose bushes, and flowers. Hubby was standing out watering the trees in the summer son and I was chasing Little Elephant around. She had just turned one. That was the summer of watering, learning to manipulate the hose, spraying herself accidentally more than once.

She has moved on now to other gardening tools. Her grandparents gifted her a rake, shovel, plow, and bucket. She spends countless hours in the garden moving dirt here and there. She will pick all flowers in her path. Not the nice kind of pick to put in vases, but rather the over zealous grabbing of fat little fingers and the squishing of little baby fists.

The thing that continues to make this whole fascination with gardening hilarious is that Little Elephant abhors getting her hands dirty. In fact, about every 30 seconds throughout the days of gardening, she has insisted on wiping the mud on her shirt, waving her hands wildly and screaming until someone comes to clean them. Then, she gets all worked up about the dirt stain on her shirt!



    • Oh no! We are planning to try finger painting for the first time this week. I hadn’t even thought of this being a problem. I was just so happy my daughter isn’t a put everything I your mouth girl.

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