What are we teaching with Disney Princesses?

What are the Disney Princesses teaching our daughters? And, frankly, what are they teaching our sons?

Yes, they are shinny and pretty and sparkly. Yes, they have lovely voices, can dance, talk to animals, and seem quite happy. Yes, smiles are plastered on their faces. Yes, they live in clean houses and aspire to (and attain) lives in the upper echelon of society.

No— this is not what I want for my daughter.  I want my daughter to be strong, independent, self-sufficient, smart, and happy!  I want her to make her own choices, dream for a fulfilling career, and put her own worth in her brain and personality as opposed to her body.

Thanks to The Second City Network, there is a series of videos that point out many of the problems I have with the Disney princess and what they teach.

Advice on life from the Little Mermaid:

Advice on life from Belle:

Advice on life from Snow White:

*This last one made me particularly laugh because of the comment on naming the dwarfs on their most prominent feature because in Chile (perhaps in the rest of Latin America) this is the status quo.  My mother-in-law is called “Chica” because she is short.  My husband is “Negro” because his skin is darker.  We have a blondish friend who is called “Gringo”.


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