Mama’s little helper

This is a great video. It’s one of my favorite from my childhood. You should watch it! However, if you don’t, what you need to know is that the most important line is, at least, in terms of this blog post, “some kinds of help are the kind of help, we all can do without.”

Confession: I usually wear my PJs for at least one week before washing them, sometimes it’s longer. Recently, it seems that I’m changing my PJs. Often. Or, at least I have been opening the drawer where the PJs live with an alarming frequency. Last night, I opened that drawer because I could not find the PJs from previous night to wear, to find the drawer was empty. Shocked, I looked around. I was too tired to launch a full investigation. I were shorts and tank to bed.

This morning, the mystery was solved. As I was getting ready for the day, I noticed my daughter playing with my clothes. When I watched her, she stopped. So, I pretended to put on socks. When she thought I wasn’t looking, she took my pajamas into the bathroom where she put them in the hamper. I went to look in the hamper, and found the pajamas from the entire week in there! She already helps me to put my work clothes in the hamper at night, I guess she thought my pajamas should go in there too. Maybe she’s right. She is wrong, however, when she puts my dirty socks in the garbage!

Here is where the PJs go!
Here is where the PJs go!

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