What you can’t say in 140 characters

I recently returned to twitter.  After a brief stint in 2008, my account has sat dormant.   I am still not sure that I “get” the appeal.  It is hard to say much of anything worth while in 140 characters.  Its near impossible to have a coherent conversation or follow one. Although, in its defense, it is a great place to chronicle what you are reading and have others point you to what they are reading or writing.

While it is hard to say much in 140 characters, I learned today that it is apparently easy to say little, say it poorly, and say it untruthfully.  I learned about what is being referred to as Jodie Foster’s coming out speech from Twitter (granted, doesn’t everyone remember her recognizing and thanking her ex-partner a couple years ago???  Not the point.)  What twitter pointed me to was a mini-clip of her speech, an expert, and then accusations that she was drunk and incoherent.

Sadly, Facebook, where you can type lots more than 140 characters, failed me in the same way. Apparently, the problem isn’t the medium, its the people who chose to type, those who chose to clip and alter videos so they clearly look differently, and those who don’t respect that Jodie Foster was going to do this in her own way and that is 100% her prerogative.

So here she is, in all her glory, bring true to herself, with her own words, unscripted:




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