Transition to big girl stuff

Little Elephant recently took a big step. She moved into a big girl bed and she has done it with strength and grace and acceptance that one does not expect from a toddler.

While living in Kazakhstan, we did manage, once, to transition her to a crib. But, then we traveled and stayed in hotels and moved around the world (several times) and she somehow always ended up co-sleeping. Or, more accurately, co-kicking. Because she spent all her time in her bed kicking me out of it inadvertently with her flailing and her ability to take up all the space and my fear of rolling over her since I am such a heavy sleeper.

So, she moved to a “big girl bed”. Everyone else would refer to it as a crib, but we convinced her this is a step up in the world. She is still in our room, she still sleeps next to me, but she sleeps in her own bed.

And she is proud of it.

She also is exploring all the other ways she can do big girl things. She is rejecting sippy cups in favor of big girl cups. The kind with handles. The kind without tops. The kind where oh so very often water or milk or the liquid contents end up on the floor or down her front. She has learned that tipping the big girl cup over your head to see the liquid flow out just leaves you wet and with milk in your eyes. No fun. She has also discovered that many things float in the liquid in the big girl cup. I can see that there will be no end of entertainment with this discovery.

She likes big girl chairs too. The kind that don’t tie you down. The kind that leave free movement for kicking, climbing, spinning, and jumping off. The kind that give Mama a heart attack— especially when she has climbed up them and onto the kitchen table and is picking up the nice pottery from Kazakhstan.

And, like all big girls.  She likes the word “no” and to do it herself.  She puts her boots on herself. She chooses her clothes.  She doesn’t want people to touch her. Or look at her. Or smile. Or pay attention to anything but her.  She likes to play toys herself. And kick over monsters by herself. And try new things by herself. And climb up the slide by herself.

She is very self sufficient.  And big.  And glorious.



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