My daughter has a shoe fetish

I categorically hate shoes. I have always hated shoes. I was impossible to shop for when I was little because if the shoe was the tiniest bit uncomfortable, even it if was something that just needed to be worn, I wouldn’t wear it. I can remember my father sitting and pushing back and forth the heels of my shoes, hoping to make them less offensive to my feet.

For this reason, it is more than a little ironic that Little Elephant has a bit of a shoe fetish. She loves shoes. She loves slippers. But, most of all, she loves boots! She will put her shoes on. She will ask to put shoes on. She will ask to change shoes. Sometimes, when she has one pair of shoes on, she tries to put another on on top!

Right now, her favorites are these black rain boots with psychedelic peace signs all over them. Because of this, we keep singing to her: “These boots are made for walking. And walking’s what they’ll do. These boots are made for walking and they’ll walk all over you”. She grins from ear to ear when we sing this and she prances around in her boots.

So, we looked it up on you tube and oh the video we found! Clearly Sinatra was way ahead of her time!


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