Looking back at this blog in 2012

I feel somehow compelled to look back at what I have blogged, like a walk down memory lane. Maybe along the way I will remember some of my favorite posts— maybe you will too!

My Favorite Posts of 2012:

  • This Boob is brought to you by the letter A, the number 1, and a dose of Mama’s rambling. — How I use my time nursing to fill my daughter’s head with counter culture ideas.
  • World of a million possibilities — A poem of love for my daughter.
  • Words that kill?  — Am I a bad feminist? I was accused of being one. Maybe I am.  Here is my thoughts on punishment and misogynist pigs.
  • The Things You Never Know — Finding students from when I was a Peace Corps volunteer led to a huge release of emotion and a blog post that I posted in English and Romanian.  (English here).
  • Giving up on Spanish— a wonderful video for anyone who has ever tried (and failed) to learn the language. Hilarious!
  • No + Discrimination— on how far Chile has come in my memory on LGBT rights and how far it has yet to go.
  • Not (m)any breastfeeding role modes — title is probably self explanatory. Update: Little Elephant is 18 months, she is still nursing, and I love it.
  • The day I became old — could have been titled from the mouth of babes (or nieces and nephews).  Also, have you seen Betty White’s show?  I would have never guessed from Golden Girls what a bad ass she is.
  • Wisconsin Temple Shooting — Much has been said about mass shootings much more eloquently than what I wrote. Too much needed to be written in 2012.  But, I stand by my final paragraph: “Finally, the lack of conversation in our nation about the connection between being a white male and going on a murderous rampage, more than angers me (which it does), fills me with fear. How do we address a problem if we can’t/ don’t/ won’t talk about it? How do we look for and address the root causes? Yes, gun laws need to be stricter. Yes, mental health services need to be wider. But also we need to find a way to teach people that it is not okay to kill others. We need a way for men to be able to express their rage in an appropriate manner. We need to address the white privilege that fuels racism and hate and, yes, mass murders. We need to name the problem and address it. And we need to do it now.”
  • Boys will be boys. Or girls. Or the whole gender thing is rubbish. — My promise to write more about gender and parenting.
  • Gender-Free parenting
  • How Little Elephant Got her Name — This post was a long time in the coming, but I now can point everyone who questions her online nickname to it!
  • On not knowing Albanian — Funny stories of my office mates laughing at my lack of language skill and my superior charade skills.

Letters to my Little Elephant:

Biggest Blog Review Surprises:

  • I didn’t blog in 2012 until Feb 13.  What was I doing in January?!?
  • Didn’t blog in March either?!?
  • No blogging in June?!?
  • I made up for not blogging three months, by successfully completing NoBloPoMo.  And it felt really good!


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