Out with the old

I was warned to stay at home lest I be hit by a wayward bullet or firework. You don’t have to give me that advice. If those are the choices then I will happily ring in 2013 from my living room.

Having this time hostage to my house, I decided to start looking at the old blog. I was inspired by Life with Roozle and Creating Motherhood to both shake things up and clean things out.


New design. Updated and expanded blogroll. Participating in “Connected, Blog Reading in 2013.” Current Espanol page. I feel like my spirng cleaning is done.

Now if I can just think of something to blog about…..

Here is a video from last year’s fireworks in Tirana (you can understand why I am not going out…. although, I really hope I have a good view from my house on the hill).


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