Timetables, delays, and other Santa woes

Christmas presents right on schedule!
Christmas presents right on schedule!

When I was little, my parents explained the very complicated travel schedule that Santa had.  He had to make it to millions, maybe even billions, of households in just one night!  However, living in Wisconsin, we lucked out.  The wind was just right so we were usually first on the list.  Therefore, before actual Christmas, but after Christmas eve mass, we would arrive home— but Santa would have been there first.  I was the luckiest kid in the world! I didn’t have to wait until Christmas morning to get my presents.  I was on the route! I would rip open presents to my hearts content while my parents had tea and go ready for bed.  Christmas day was all about playing with the toys; not opening them.

Turns out that Albania comes very late on Santa’s route.  The winds must just not be in our favor.  This morning, we woke up to no presents. Little Elephant when down for her midday nap and woke to no presents.  However, after my parents showed up and we had a late lunch, suddenly, Santa and all the gifts appeared like magic.  I guess Santa doesn’t always come by Christmas morning.  Sometimes, 2 in the afternoon is just plenty.  Plus, Grandpa and Nana really lucked out this way as they, and their weary eyed, loopy, jet-lagged selves, got to watch how much she loved her Black and Decker Tool Set and the wagon that they had bought her.



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