Playing Santa

Last year, Baby Elephant loved unwrapping gifts. She really didn’t care what was in them. She opened socks with glee. She opened box after box of oatmeal. She loved the paper. Loved the color. Loved the experience.

While Little Elephant still doesnt really understand Santa and that gifts are coming, she will be interested by what is inside.

So far, she and Santa have met twice. First it was at the Tirana Holiday Bazaar. We went so I could shop and support local NGOs and she could get out of the house and out of the rain. Santa was really just an added bonus. Granted, she was having none of it. When he got up from his pretty plush red chair, prime real estate in front of the sparkly tree, she pounced. When Santa returned and wanted his seat, actually he just wanted me to get a cute picture of him and my toddler so he knelt next to the chair, she took his position as defiant and stared him down. I did get great photo— just not traditional.

Second Santa encounter was at my office. I brought her in to meet Santa and decorate gingerbread cookies. She was not impressed by Santa. She wouldn’t sit or even look at him! She was thrown off guard a bit when he spoke Spanish. She quickly recovered, glancing at him suspiciously. She did accept the wrapped gift. Once a safe distance away, we opened the stackable snowman. From then on she yelled “NOOOOOOOO” at anyone and everyone who dared look at the snowman, including Dada!

Here at home, playing Santa has been more challenging as I can’t find the tape and am using packing tape! Still Christmas, and the arrival of my folks, is around the corner. Mi couldn’t be happier.


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