Thank you Albanians everywhere!

This blog goes back to December 2006.  It has never had a large following.  In my prime, I was getting about 86 hits a day.  Recently, numbers have fallen to around 60 hits a day.  I have been fine with this.  Willy-nilly writing whatever comes to mind, posting a recipe or photo here or there.

Then I posted the Google Doodle for Albanian independence. In less than 36 hours, 3,629 people have come to see this post!  Let me repeat: three thousand six hundred twenty nine people have come to see that post.  That is 2.5% of all people who have ever visited my site!

I am astounded.  My stat chart is going to be very lopsided for the next month.

I am sad that these aren’t readers who will stay or engage in the conversations that I like to have.  However, I am happy that the picture I took allowed Albanians outside of the Albania-Kosovo-Macedonia region to see their Doodle.


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