Mapuche Hip Hop?

Several months ago, I was driving to work and heard a piece on the BBC about indigenous groups, including Chile’s Mapuche, using hip hop to increase popularity of their languages. The report “Chilean Mapuches preserve linguistic heritage through hip-hop” was fascinating and has remained on my thoughts.

According to the BBC, this is part of a series on indigenous languages.

The Chilean group Wechekeché Ñi Trawün – which means “young people together” in the Mapuche mapundungun language – is trying to keep the ancient traditions of their indigenous forefathers alive through hip-hop, reggaeton and pop music.

This is the first video in a series by BBC Mundo’s Vladimir Hernandez about new native melodies coming out of Latin America ahead of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples which is celebrated by the United Nations every August 9.


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