17 monthiversary!

Dear Little Elephant,

Stop growing! Please! Mama can’t keep up. I simply can’t! One mine you were my little baby, helpless, cooing, smiling, nursing, learning the world. Then I blinked. Now you are a whole little person, independent, jabbering away, laughing infectiously, still nursing, and you have the world figured out. When did that happen???

Now that you know what Mama and Dada (and even Liza who talks to you in Albanian) is saying, you have opinions. Lots of them.  Without even being able to string together a sentence, you communicate paragraphs. Last night, for instance, we were having dinner.  You wanted to go outside. So you wiggled your way free and proceeded to get your shoes.  You presented them to me and clearly explained that it was time to go out side. The conversation went something like this: “Mama! Ma! Ma! la nanaba be putz. Mama! Eh!” Then there was some pointing.  We explained that you had not eaten enough food to go outside and that we wanted you to eat more because when you don’t eat a good second dinner (yes, you are a hobbit, you eat two breakfasts, two dinners, one lunch, two snacks, and nurse 7 times every 24 hours) then you don’t sleep well.  We offered that you could sit in either person’s lap to eat.  You decided to sit with me.  You started to eat, but once Dada clarified that you had to eat the WHOLE plate, you decided to get down.  It was better to just play inside then have to eat a WHOLE plate of food.

This month you have become more and more interested in music.  You try to sing.  Did you know that your Nana sings in the morning?  Perhaps you take after her.  You also are fascinated when Dada whistles, so you try.  Mostly you just blow a lot of air but it is darling and I am sure you will have it mastered in no time. You love to dance, spinning around, bouncing up and down, and clapping your hands.  Everything from Spanish Salsa to Pink to Nirvana to Elvis will do– as long as it has a beat.  Commercials are okay too, if they are musical.

You, my dear, have a great memory.  Once upon a time (about 2 months ago) you had a dear 2 year old friend.  You loved when Jay would come out to play and you would follow him everywhere.  He was sweet on you and would wait for you to catch up and yell “Little Elephant, come on!” (Of course, he knows your real name).  Anyway, he had to go away for 10 weeks.  We are nearing the end of that time and you still remember his house.  If we say, where did Jay live, you take us right there!  How can you little mind learn so many new things and still remember the old?

Another neighbor has a tangerine tree. You discovered this fruit of gods and now take anyone who will agree there so that they can pick you a piece of fruit. I swear, last Saturday you conned 8 people (myself included) into taking you to that tree and each of them gave you a tangerine.  When I tell you that you have had enough, you argue back.  I suppose I should be happy that it is fruit that we argue about. Also, it is a good thing that neighbor is traveling or else he might be getting a restraining order to save his tree from you!

Little Elephant, I want you to know, no matter how big you grow, or where you go, or who you become, or what you do, or what mistakes you make, or what you believe, or who you love, you will always, always be my little elephant and I will always love you to the core of my being.

Hugs and kisses, now and forever,




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