Help me understand NaBloPoMo at Blogher

Here is the thing: I really want to like BlogHer. And, in some ways, I do. I know people who have gone to the conferences. In fact, I know people who have spoken at them. I am sure if I went to the conference, I would love it. I also enjoy the pursuing the pages— amazing bloggers are featured here. Let’s face it, my work never will be. That is okay; I never intended to have a big following. I blog for me.

Now let’s talk about NaBloPoMo. This used to be run on an independent site. Then it got big and BlogHer took over. There is one thing the old site did really well and I think is missing here. Under the old NaBloPoMo site (we are talking a couple years ago), there was a way to register your blog under different categories. This way, if I wanted to read Mommy blogs participating in NaBloPoMo or LGBT blogs participating in NaBloPoMo or Living Oversees blogs participating in NaBloPoMo, I could easily find them.

Now there is just a huge list of blogs. 1,833 to be exact.  How can I possibly narrow down these blogs to ones I am more likely to follow long term?  Blogs that will speak to my concerns or peak my interests? Yes, I can spot check blogs– and I am.  Just, so far, the search has been fruitless.  Besides accidentally running into a blogger who I casually know in real life here in Albania and whose blog, honestly, I probably won’t follow, I haven’t made any new connections.

Maybe I am doing it wrong…. ideas?


    • Had any luck?

      For me one problem is that I am throwing out blogs based on one entry. For example there might be an amazing mommy blog talking about anti racist parenting and feminism (something I would be into) but the day I jump over it is a rant about traffick in ithe city said blogger lives in. I probably won’t go back and them miss a great opportunity.

      My blog is the same way. There are several central themes but they are punctuated with randomness.


  1. Hmm… I know a few bloggers who have “Mommy Blogs” on WordPress. Are you thinking of switching to Blogher? Are are you just wondering why they haven’t founda way to really narrow down the posts if you wanted to?

    • I will stay here on WordPress. Under the old nablopomo site you could put your blog in categories. I found some great blogs that 3-5 years later I still read. With the new layout at blogher, I haven’t been as successful.

      Blogher dies a great job of spreading really popular well written blogs. Sadly, for me, those people already have a huge following and aren’t going to interact with me.

  2. I was part of Blogher for a couple of years before it really took off and I didn’t get it then, still don’t really get it now. I’m now part of SITSgirls, which is similar. And I have found some good blogs, but I still don’t know how to narrow it down to specific types of blogs or join groups or anything.

  3. Hi Clare,
    I work for BlogHer and will definitely pass your NaBloPoMo suggestions on!

    Also, I wanted to let you know (in case you didn’t know already) that all members of the website can post on it. The editors are always looking for posts to feature and yours might indeed get selected!

    • Hi Melisa,

      Thanks for stopping by and for passing on the suggestion. It is actually really affirming to have someone from BlogHer see it– even if nothing changes.

      I know a couple people who have had posts sponsored by BlogHer so I know that in theory it can happen. Just feels out of the realm of possibilities for me, but I guess you never know.

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