Do you have a vote plan?

Vote today!, originally uploaded by Lester Public Library.

Tomorrow is a big day.

Unlike what some people may say, voting is not just doing your civic duty. It is having a say in the politics of your country. Sometimes the choice isn’t clear and there don’t seem to be enough difference between the right and the left. In some ways, that is true in this presidential race. However, in many ways Romney and Obama truly represent different views and interests in this country.

Have a say! Get out and vote.

Do you have a vote plan? Basically, can you answer these four questions:

1) Where is your polling station?
2) What time to you plan to go?
3) How are you going to get there?
4) What ID or forms do you need to bring with you (if any)?

My plan?

I voted early. Sent my ballot via FedEx from Tirana to Milwaukee about 2.5 weeks ago.

Fingers crossed!


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