Love Affair

For the longest time, my husband has been bugging me about if I would want a Blackberry. He basically only has a cell phone because I force him to have one so that if he is out with the baby and something happens he can call for help. Also, he loses his cell phones frequently so his current one is the cheapest thing we could find in Kazakhstan– he jokes that it is one model up from a wind-up toy. So, he thinks it is crazy that anyone would like or want one of those things.

I always claimed that I didn’t. Who really wants to be so connected to the internet? I certainly wouldn’t want my job to expect me to check my work email at all hours. They seem so expensive and frivolous.

My job gave me an IPhone. I still don’t like connecting to work in non-work hours and will only do so in emergency. However, I do love love love my IPhone.

Unlike my husband, I am a huge fan of the internet. I have a blog. I am on Facebook. I have Instagram. I could tweet– but I don’t. I buy stuff on line. I chat. I Skype. I use Google Docs and have my calendar online.

But, the absolute best part of the IPhone is the fact that my parents have one too. With FaceTime, we can talk even through the ocean is between us. They can see Little Elephant grow.

I can’t imagine what this life would be like without technology. I can’t imagine how far away my friends and family would feel. So, I admit it: I am pro technology!

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