Greenhouses on the Horizon

A few weeks ago, I got to travel around a bit.  Albania really is a lovely country, from the sandy beaches to the rolling hills and the the mountains.  This picture was taken in Gorican, home to 15% of all Albania’s Greenhouses.  Here local farmers were explaining their competitive advantage: they could have crops earlier and later in the season when prices were higher.  Another advantage pointed out: Albanian vegetables are delicious! All joking aside, the sight of the greenhouses as we came over the hills was absolutely breathtaking.


  1. If that is your strangest pregnant dream, you are lucky!

    Honestly, the photo was easy— the place was so beautiful the photo could basically take itself. Well, you know what I mean.

  2. Greenhouses for backyards are used extensively by dedicated gardeners. In cooler climates, greenhouses are useful for growing and propagating plants because they allow sunlight to enter and prevent heat from escaping. In addition, the transparent covering of the greenhouse allows visible light to enter unhindered, where it warms the interior as it is absorbed by the material within.

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