Great Dads know

Great Dads (and Moms) know that the best way to let your kids know you love them is to support them to be who they are even when the rest of the world doesn’t get it.

Yesterday, a friend pointed out this article called Father of the Year Helps Dress-Wearing Son Feel Comfortable By Putting on a Skirt Himself.  I love the idea of a Dad willing to face his own notions about gender expressions, clothing, and being a man to support this son.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I had several male friends who wore dresses and skirts to school– in high school.  By this point, they had embraced being social outcasts. By this point, they felt society would never value them and in some cases that their families would never value them.  They wore the pain of being the misfit as a badge of honor. Underneath, I am sure it hurt.  I wish they had had fathers who would have worn a skirt for them. Maybe, had they had support at an earlier time, they would be more comfortable in their own skin (and skirts or not skirts) today.


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