London Paralympics: Kerri Morgan

The London 2012 Paralympics start in just about an hour.  I was really happy as I drove to work today and discovered that the BBC will be covering the games.  I am often so depressed at how little coverage the games get and how little recognition the athletes get back in the US.  It seems, however, that with time, this is changing.  And, London is set to be the best attended Paralympic game in history.

Some general facts;

  • 20 sports
  • 11 days of competition
  • 4,200 athletes
  • 147 countries represented
  • 471 medal events
  • 6,500 media broadcasters
  • 2,300 official teams
  • 1 athlete from Albania
  • 7 athletes from Chile
  • 7 athletes from Kazakhstan
  • 233 athletes from the United States
  • 1 athlete who is a personal friend

I thought I might use my blog space to highlight (also import or plagiarize) some of the contestants.  Let’s start with the one athlete who is a personal friend.

Kerri Morgan will be competing in the 100 and 200 meter women’s sprints.  Originally a rugby player, and captain of the St. Louis Rams, she competed in the Beijing Paralympics as well.  You can read more about her here, here, and here. The thing that is great about Kerri isn’t just how dedicated she is, but how kind she is.  She is unassuming, has a great laugh, and is super smart.  Can’t wait to cheer her on (from afar) on September 1st and 5th!

I thought that I would try and highlight some of the


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