14 monthiversary!


Dear Little Elephant,

There are so many moments that I don’t want to forget. And, I fear I will because every time I turn around, you have learned something new, you are trying something new, and you are doing something cute.  Yes, maybe the love in my eyes is clouding my vision….. but I doubt it.

Here are a few things from this month that I don’t want to forget:

  • You learned how to walk backwards.  You are so proud of yourself for this.  You get this smile on your face like you are mischievous for being able to walk backwards. You routinely forget to look where you are walking and walk into things. Your father often sings Michael Jackson for you when you do this walk.
  • You got new shoes— when we ordered from Amazon, we had no idea how pink and sparkly they would be.  Your eyes grew at least 2 inches when you saw them.  When on, you like to pound your feet on  the ground like you are dancing the cueca or show them to people.
  • You still wake up to nurse 1 to 3 times a night. Yes, this makes Mama very tired.  Yes, I often tell you that it would be okay if you slept through the night. Yes, I would love to sleep through the night. At the same time, I know these days are numbered and I love cuddling with you as your nurse.
  • You skipped today. Or jumped. Your father and I can’t decide.  But boy were you proud of yourself.
  • We went to the beach, but at first, you were no so sure of the sand.  As I lowered you down onto it, you would pull up your legs (into a sitting position) and vigorously shake your head “NO”.
  • Your vocabulary has grown so much! Not that you say anything else, but you understand tons.  The other day I asked if you had poopies– you ignored me. Then I asked if we needed to change your diaper– you shook your head no and tried to get me to come play.  Truth is, you had poopies and you knew it!
  • To your father’s chagrin, you are learning to feed the dog by throwing food off your high chair.  In other news, who would have guessed that Harley would like bananas?
  • You only feed yourself now.  It is messy.  You feed yourself even when it is dal and you will be covered in turmeric.  You feed yourself even when the food needs a spoon and you can’t maneuver a spoon. If someone tries to feed you, you take the food from them (or off the spoon) into your fist and into-ish your mouth. If the food in your mouth is too big, you spit it out into someone’s hand; if possible, you spit it out into your father’s mouth.
  • You are enjoying the pool– especially when other children are present. You are boycotting baths and showers; you protest loudly when we force you to clean up!
  • You love the kids in the neighborhood.  You try to do everything that they do– even the ones who are 8 or 9.  There is a little 2.5 year old you follow everywhere. You give hugs and kisses and let the kids carry you.  You can now climb into and out of the little pink car.  You slide down the slide and swing on the swing.  When you want to go to the park, you get your shoes and the adult’s shoes and take the adult’s hand and lead them to the door.
  • When we wake up in the morning, I say “Good morning Sunshine. How is my little scientist today?” You throw yourself into my arms and give me kisses.  Then you pull up my PJs and stick your finger in my belly button to make sure that it hasn’t disappeared overnight.

Thank you for being so patient with me as I learn to be your Mama. Thank you for being so kind to those around us, petting the baby who cries, stroking Harley, hugging the neighbors, and waving at complete strangers.  Thank you for being out-going, curious, and strong.  I love watching you grow. I love who you are now and who you will be.

Hugs and eskinoses,




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