Years in the coming: Search engines and I

It has been years since I have done a “how people got here” post.  Every so often, I like to do a post on how people find me. Last time was Saturday, July 18, 2009; I was recently married and gainfully employed.  Still am.

I am happy to report that people rarely find this site now when searching for prostitutes— I am not sure if that means I am doing something right or something wrong.  It certainly means less people are getting an earful of my finger wagging.  Central Asia now leads with 1,891 people finding my site using those as key words.  Sadly, many of them probably left disappointed. Chilean men came in a close second with 1,120.  These people may have been slightly happier; although probably not actually more informed. Third, and I think this is worth mentioning, are searches for “justice is what love looks like in public“; I hope some of these people are actually seeing the movie.

I am also impressed that 416 searches have been done for “clare says”.  I assume at least some of those are people looking for me; or maybe just one person who reads often and hasn’t bothered to bookmark the URL.

Other common themes include: Chile and racism, is it a boy or girl, breastfeeding, fruit flowers, and grasshopper bites.  Who knew that grasshopper bites were a legitimate and constantly searched theme.

This will be my 718th post.  Currently there are 2,037 comments.  Kyle Hepp wins for being single person to most comment.  But Sara is catching up!


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