The day I became OLD

While back in the states, I got to stay with my sister and her two kids.  The first weekend morning, they were thrilled to learn that I was up bright and early— admittedly, it wasn’t my choice but I had failed to convince the Little Elephant to go back to sleep.

My niece and nephew (3rd and 6th grade) asked if I had heard of “Betty White’s: Off your rocker”.  I had been living overseas for the last several years.  Of course I had not!

So, they told me about it:

“See, there are these really really old people and they play pranks on kids and young people, like college kids, and high school kids, and young people.  And it is really funny because the whole show is pranks and you know you don’t see old old people doing that. But they are really funny.  The pranks are hilarious.  But don’t worry Aunt Clare, they wouldn’t prank you, they only prank like young adults and then college kids and younger kids, so they would NEVER prank you”.



That said, the show was funny.

PS I had promised this weeks ago.  Sorry.  More updates soon.


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