Kind of embarrased

I received an email from NAACP yesterday, asking me how much I know. The answer: embarrassingly little.

Questions centered around race and politics and questions included:

  • More than 2,000 men and women have served as Senators in the United States Senate, how many of them have been black?
  • Do you know what percentage of African Americans voted in the 2008 election?
  • 96-year-old Dorothy Cooper may be unable to vote for the first time in 50 years because she lacks which of the following documents?*

    A copy of her lease
    Her voter registration card
    Her birth certificate
    Her marriage certificate

There are only 10 questions and the quiz takes just a few minutes.  Once submitted, you are given the correct answers.  I was shocked and dismayed by some answers. Outraged, at one.  Filled with hope by others. Mostly, I was ashamed of how little I know and how little I have thought about the intersection of race and politics— that is saying a lot since it has been a big topic since Obama started running for president. Are we in a post-racism period?  No.  Should we be looking a little more in depth about the consequence of racism in our lives? Probably.

Test and expand your knowledge here:

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