Giving up on Spanish

I started learning Spanish at my Montessori preschool; I practiced the numbers at the top of my lungs while sleeping at age three.  By four, I told my mom that when I grew up I would live in South America and speak Spanish all the time.  I got awards in high school for Spanish.  I got an 800 on the Spanish SAT Test. I have a degree from one of the best language schools in the country. I  studied abroad in high school and college in Latin America.  I have worked in South America.  I have worked as an interpreter. I speak Spanish at home with my native Spanish speaking husband.

And yet…

I still get traer and llevar — both meaning to bring — mixed up.  My husband has explain 5 trillion times.  And yet, I still get them mixed up.

For that reason…. and so many more…. I love this video!



  1. This video is pure genius! I love how they adapt the style of the music to whichever region they’re talking about. My favorite is Andalucia.

  2. Love the video! So true! And thank you for sharing your issue with llevar/traer. I have the same problem! My boyfriend is always correcting me whenever I use those verbs, too.

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