Months 7 & 8: Go, go, go!

Dear Little Elephant,

I don’t know where time flies to. You are growing and moving and becoming at a rate faster than I seem to be able to keep track of. The last two months can be classified as “go, go, go” because you, my darling little girl, are in motion.

We started month 6 by visiting Abue (Chilean Grandma) in Portugal and Barcelona. You loved tourist attractions. Mostly, you loved being in line at tourist attractions. After all, everyone else in line had nothing better to do than to dote over how cute you are, smile at you, be enthralled by your every movement, take pictures with you, blow kisses to you, and talk to you in every language possible. I am convinced that you thought these people were standing in line just to see you. Once inside the tourist attraction, you were not always so pleased. You hate to compete for attention. You spent most of the time in the art museum in Barcelona shrieking at people to make them look at you!

Starting around the New Year, your first tooth started to make an appearance. Gone are the days of toothless smiles. By 8 months, you have your bottom two teeth and we believe some others may be making an appearance soon.
This month, you learned to roll over. You learned to push yourself up, downward dog fashion. You learned to get on all fours and rock back and forth. Then, you learned to climb. And you haven’t stopped! You still don’t really crawl, mostly you push yourself backwards when you try. This is upsetting and not very efficient. However, you will hold on to someone’s hands and walk around the house all day if allowed. You will stand in your favorite chair and hold onto the arm so that you can shuffle its length. You will climb up Mama, over daddy or on anything in front of you. You still aren’t fast…. But once you are, Harley, watch out! (The dog still thinks she can stand just three inches from you and be safe).

You have learned to throw things. While in your high chair, you like to throw your toys on the floor so that Mama or Daddy has to go get them. We have put an end to this game. New rule: you throw it, I will pick it up once. You throw it again, no toy until after the meal is over. You also like to throw things on the ground so that you can pick them up. This is a sure fire way to make sure you are standing and can “walk” wherever you want to go.
This month you also started to babble. Before you made sounds. Now, you actively talk. You say “mamamamamama”, “papapapa”, “dadadada”, “nananana”, “apa apa apa”, and “lalalalala”. Clearly “mama” has something to do with Mama, but I think it translates more directly to “feed me” or “I am really really sad and tired, make it better”. You like to talk at the dinner table and while walking. You will sit and have conversations with us or with the dog. I can’t quite describe it, but when you babble, your jaw moves so much that sometimes you appear to be a puppet or the little old man from up.

At 8 months, you weigh 17 lbs (7.7 kg) and are 27 inches tall (68cm). You still wear 6 month clothes, but fit into some of the 9 month stuff.

I love you my little scientist, who puts everything in her mouth and tests the limits of love— answer, my love for you has no limits.

Hugs and kisses,


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