Limerick and Lost sleep

There once was a girl in Almaty,
Too young to use the potty,
Sleep she decided to ban,
Mama was not a fan,
Saying my daughter is being quite naughty.

I wrote this the other day while walking to the store. The night before I was supposed to go to a party and my friend Mike’s house. I really had wanted to go. He had even bought a little gift for Isi. And I like his wife and hadn’t been out in a while.

But I was exhausted. And it was snowing. The idea of trekking to his place, pushing the baby carriage through the snow, took too much out of me. I sent him an “i am sorry” via facebook and went to bed.

When I got home from the store, groceries in hand, I checked my email. I had a nice note telling me not to worry about missing the party— it is next weekend.

Clearly the little Elephants ban on sleep is getting to me.


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