Seeing Stars

I suppose people who live near Hollywood must see stars every so often, doing everyday things, living their lives. I am not talking about the paparazzi who stalk them. Or the stalkers who photograph them. But rather, everyday people, people on the jobs, people not looking running into really cool people.

In some ways, Chile makes me feel like I am one of those everyday people. Santiago is big. But it is also small enough to see the stars from the teleserias out at a restaurant or parking their cars.

On this trip, the news media has also made me feel this way. Revista Ya this week has Denisse Van Lamoen, who is the 2011 World Champion in Archery, on the cover. She is Chilean. She also happens to be an old classmate from when I was an exchange student in Rancagua. In fact, she was very close friends with my host sister. In college, when I returned to Chile, I spent a year hanging out with her younger brother. He even came to the very first Thanksgiving that I cooked without my Mom’s help. It was amazing to see her on the cover– she looks beautiful in the photo shoots. But, the best part, for me, is that she still looks like the girl I knew. Only, famous.

Denisse isn’t the only person I know who has been in the newspapers while I have been here.  A bunch of my Chile blogger buddies (all gringas) were featured in La Tercera. Kyle (in the photo), Emily, Eileen, AndreaAbby and Margaret were all quoted.  Of them, I know in person Kyle, Emily and Abby (I think I have met Abby, but now that it is in writing perhaps she is just a virtual friend).  And I definitely also read Eileen and Margaret.   Now that I have been notified of Andrea’s blog, I will have to check it out (Thank you La Tercera).

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  1. I remember walking around and seeing celebrities and usually I wouldn’t recognize them so someone else would have to point them out to me :p It is a small country when that could happen to you regularly.

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