Filling up the tank

It is the simple things I miss when I am overseas.  Things that I never thought I would miss. Things that are silly to miss. Things that I don’t even think about in the US.

I miss being able to fill up my own tank at a gas station. I like knowing what is going on, not feeling like I am going to be ripped off, not actually being taken advantage of and, besides, it is really not that hard.  Even when it is raining, I don’t mind taking a few moments, swiping my credit card, and filling up the tank.

Only– overseas, I often can’t.  There are people to fill up my car with gas.  And, just like I don’t really like bell boys pulling my suitcase when I am perfectly capable, I don’t like having people fill up my tank for me.  Yet, I have no choice. In Chile, I have no choice and in Kazakhstan, I have no choice.  In Moldova and Cambodia I didn’t drive– so I don’t know if I could have done it myself or not.

To make my dislike even stronger, in Chile (I don’t know about Kazakhstan), it is very common for the attendants to try and make a few extra pesos at the expense of the client either by filling the tank with less gas and then charging the full amount or by “forgetting” to zero out the machine before pumping the next person’s gas.

Since my mind doesn’t tend to automatically think of ways to rip others off, I had to watch the following videos (in Spanish) to understand this deception.


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