Seeing Stars

I suppose people who live near Hollywood must see stars every so often, doing everyday things, living their lives. I am not talking about the paparazzi who stalk them. Or the stalkers who photograph them. But rather, everyday people, people on the jobs, people not looking running into really cool people. In some ways, Chile … More Seeing Stars

I should be embarrased… but I don’t understand

Margaret wrote a great piece called “Dumb Stuff the Gringa Says” in which she catalogs some of her most embarrassing (or funny) linguistic faux pax. She then invites her readers, and she has quite a few, to comment with their most embarrassing (or funny) linguistic moments in a second language. I thought it was a … More I should be embarrased… but I don’t understand

Tiny Twos!

Dear Little Elephant, Way back when you were one month old, there were a few things I could count on. One of them was that after I fed you, you would be a milk drunk baby who would happily curl up in the arms of anyone nearby to sleep. Now that you are in your … More Tiny Twos!