Happy Monthiversary

Dear Little Elephant,

A month and three days ago a fire alarm went off in our building at 1:30am.  Announcements came over the PA that firemen were coming and more instructions would follow. Being that I was 9 months pregnant and we lived on the 17th floor, we decided to evacuate immediately since we couldn’t move all that quick.  With Harley in S.’s arms, we walked down 17 flights of steps, sat outside and watched as two fire trucks decided it was a false alarm.  You did not like the walk and flailed and moved more than ever before.

Three days later, on June 15th, at 3:51am my water broke and we headed to the hospital.  Once there, we learned that you had managed to flip into breech during that fire alarm and thus you came into the world in the OR.  Later, your father told my parents that the operation had lasted 2 hours– in fact, it lasted under 45 minutes.  For me, the longest time was from the point when Dr. Helf announced we had a beautiful baby girl to the point where you let our your first cry— it felt like a small forever.  We spent almost 5 days in the hospital and your Papa became a master swaddler and diaper changer as I couldn’t stand long enough to tend to those needs. All the nurses and our pediatrician complemented your Papa on how good he was with you.  I spent my time working on standing and cuddling and feeding you in bed.

This last month has been amazing— it turns out, all the cliches (how a baby changes your life, how your heart actually grows, how you love deeper than ever possible) are true.  Your father and I can’t stop staring at you and love watching you grow.  Speak of which, this month, you grew from 7 lb 5 oz to 9 lb 10 oz! You latch great and are a good sleeper (often managing to go 4 hours before feedings and a couple times allowing Mama to sleep for 5 hours!). This month also managed to roll over (off your Papa’s chest towards mine) and scoot (upward while changing your diaper). Everyday you are practicing new sounds, cooing, grunting, humming.  You are just starting to smile and seem to be ticklish on the right foot but not the left.

For your first 4th of July, Dan, Helen, Grandpa and Nana came over.  We ate brats and burgers out on the deck and had an excellent view of the fireworks.  The weather was really cold, and you curled up in a comforter with Mama and Papa.  You were so warm in your little cocoon that you slept through the fireworks, barely flinching and never crying.

Since you are new to the world and only will be in WI a few weeks, you have had lots of visitors.  Dan, Helen, David, and Jenna all came to visit you in the hospital.  Aunt Margaret visited from New York and Kelley visited from DC.  Of course, you have seen Grandpa and Nana almost daily including living with them for one week after we were released from the hospital. You have also seen your grandparents and family in Chile almost everyday via Skype including from the hospital.  Your Abuelita even managed to download her first computer program (Skype) to her work computer so that she could see you more often.

We love you so much!




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