Venturing out

_MG_1736, originally uploaded by Archman8.

We arrived back in Milwaukee last week– boy is it nice to be home. I keep meaning to blog, but I am waiting to see if I get a response from United Airlines first to see exactly how I am going to word the experience that was our trip home.

While I miss my friends in Almaty, I have to say that I am enjoying working from home in my PJs, knowing that I am a mile from the hospital for when the baby comes, seeing friends and family, and eating my way through the state. We have rented a little apartment not to far from my parents and not to far from the hospital– it is nice– much better than several months in a hotel and we are settling in.

Over the weekend we went to the Frank Lloyd Write exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum. (and, for this blog, I found a photo on Flickr taken by Archman8). My whole family has an affinity for Wrights work. Yes, his flat roof concept was impractical. And yes, his furniture was not comfortable. But the blending with nature was beautiful. Also, Aunt Rita and Uncle Jack lived in one of his homes in NY. In fact, Uncle Jack helped build it. There is a family connection and sentimental value. I have been to visit many of his housed over the years. The really neat thing about this exhibit was the plans for some of his unbuilt projects— or at least, that is what I found interesting.


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