Been a little lost

I seem to have been lost from the blog world recently.  But that is just because I have been so busy in the real one.

First, we went to Budapest for 10 days. It was great— granted, I was at a training course for much of time. But, when not in class, S and I were out and about, exploring the city.  This is not my first time to Budapest– I have always really liked it. But it was so much better seeing the city through S’s eyes.  That said, wow! 8 hours on my feet makes me sore.

Then, I came back to Almaty and went back to work.  Luckily, it wasn’t too sad and I can’t complain to much, because some of the great women from work threw a baby shower for me.  We had a good time.  (Sadly, we took the photo after some people had left).


  1. I agree about the fairytale view style photo…Love seeing the pregnant version of you, too:) SO excited for you!! Even though we can connect w/ you any time wherever you are, I’m excited that soon you’ll be back in the states. -M.

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