Hair length– seen through a cultural lense

My husband’s hair has been growing out– currently, it is about shoulder length.  I think, it is about the length it was 2 years ago when we got married. Throughout the 15 years I have known him, his hair has been a huge variety of lengths, from super short to as long as mine.  Honestly, I kind of like the longer look.

In Kazakhstan, the men do not sport long hair.  Military hair maintenance is definitely the way to go. If not, some other very short look.

Friday night, S was at a bar with some of the guys we know. He went to the bathroom and while washing his hands, the door opened.  A guy, very flustered, apologized and quickly shut the door.  The guy apparently checked out signage to determine that he was in fact opening the correct door.  A few seconds after apologizing, he re-entered the bathroom. There is speculation he may have been even more flustered after ascertaining that S was a man.

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