It the little things

I have been visiting the US for the last two weeks— a wonderful time to eat seafood and all kinds of treats that I either can’t get in Almaty or that are too expansive or poor quality to want to buy in Almaty.  In total– during the three weeks here– I am staying in 5 different hotels! Yikes!  Perhaps moving around isn’t the best idea, but it worked out so that on the weekends I could be out in VA near family and friends and during the weeks, I could be in the city near work and other friends.

Most of the hotels I have stayed in have been Kimpton hotels.  We originally stayed in one last summer when we were moving and had the dog and they are the most pet friendly hotels I have ever seen.  I have to say, I have fallen in love with this hotel chain.  Admittedly, this is a statement I never thought I would make, much less sell.  But, great service, free stuff from the mini-bar, wine at night (which I can’t drink), and coffee and tea in the morning.

While in the US, I have also been busy watching HGTV— I think my favorite channel.  My favorite show is House Hunters International.  I have absolutely fallen back into wishing I had lots of money to make my dream home.  Of course, that then leads to having to figure out what my dream home would be like. And where!

One thing that I have clear, when I get my own place, I want a curved shower rod.  They have them in the hotel. They have them on HGTV.  I am a total convert!


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  1. I remember you saying that was your favorite show! I watched some marathons of it when I was in the US, but for the most part it aggravated me. Parts seemed scripted and the insane budgets of some people made me possibly a little envious.

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