Happy Halloween

I am taking a lead from Sara and writting a quick post of Halloween in Chile. I should admit that I have never been a huge Halloween fan– sure, I love the candy, but that is about it.

S. is not a big fan of Halloween and my office has a huge party every year. He didn’t come this year.  I really couldn’t care– if he doesn’t want to come, he should stay home.  But, lots of people asked why he wasn’t there. So, I had to explain why S. hates halloween.

1st- he is not big into celebrating anything.

2nd- growing up in Chile there was no Halloween so he doesn’t even have memories of childhood candy.

3rd- three years ago I made cookies for him and his brother (this is not a common). We left a big tin at his parents’ house for his brother. That was right around when trick-or-treating started in his parents neighborhood. Long story short, his mother gave away my homemade cookies and he and his brother didn’t get to eat them.



  1. Hey, I should probably have written that as a child I loved Halloween, but now as an adult I’m content with just the innocent memories of childhood. I don’t get into some of the adult oriented costume parties with alcohol and all that. Somehow it’s just not as fun. Luis does not like Halloween but he says that maybe when he gets to the US he will have to celebrate just to see what it’s all about :p

    • hahahhahahahahhahahaha!!!! poor Seba!!! I’d hate halloween too if I were him! How could she give away the cookies!!!?????!! ARG!!!

      We had a great Halloween this year. Unsuspectingly we went out to this bar in Portland six blocks from our apartment, and everyone was dressed up in full Halloween costume. Except for us of course!!! These were the best and most creative Halloween costumes I’ve EVER seen!!! One dude, a sculptor, spent 50 hours making a cardboard totem poll which he wore. It was huge with big wings. Every time he turned around, half of the people in the room had to duck!!! It was hilarious! He won the costume contest and went home with 300 dollars plus the rights to a 200 dollar bar tab. hahahah.

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