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Happy Halloween


I am taking a lead from Sara and writting a quick post of Halloween in Chile. I should admit that I have never been a huge Halloween fan– sure, I love the candy, but that is about it.

S. is not a big fan of Halloween and my office has a huge party every year. He didn’t come this year.  I really couldn’t care– if he doesn’t want to come, he should stay home.  But, lots of people asked why he wasn’t there. So, I had to explain why S. hates halloween.

1st- he is not big into celebrating anything.

2nd- growing up in Chile there was no Halloween so he doesn’t even have memories of childhood candy.

3rd- three years ago I made cookies for him and his brother (this is not a common). We left a big tin at his parents’ house for his brother. That was right around when trick-or-treating started in his parents neighborhood. Long story short, his mother gave away my homemade cookies and he and his brother didn’t get to eat them.

Cheburashka– some things are just classics


Early into my time learning Russian, the institute decide to have a celebration. Each student could choose to be part of the choir, write a skit, or say a traditional toast– all in Russian of course. With 2 months of Russian under the belt, I joined the choir. We learned 8 songs.

I am still taking Russian classes here in Almaty. The other day, my teacher said I need to know the word tablecloth. While I would argue that it is not a word I will often use, I did already know it. Why? Because it was mentioned in one of the songs as a metaphor for time continuing and moving on. So, I started to sing the song. My teacher was beside herself that I knew a song from Cheburashka.

You see, the song is from a classic soviet cartoon whose main characters are a crocodile named Gena, a little old lady, a little girl and an unknown animal named Cheburashka. (or maybe that is the type of animal he is– but he is not found in any dictionary).

At the time, S and I went on youtube and literally watched hours of the cartoon– of course neither of us had enough Russian to follow the dialog. We went back to look for it today and again were mesmerized. We decided we need to get a DVD of the cartoon so that one day, when we have kids, they can fall in love with this adorable classic as well.

Here is a short clip– with English subtitles for all the non-Russian speaking readers (meaning everyone except Maria, Marina, Alexey, Aizhana, and my other Almaty friends who read this). It really is adorable.

Smelling the roses


Smelling the roses, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

In the photo, by choice. They were beautiful and quite fragrant. However, now, we are having a non-internet weekend– this little connection notwithstanding. Why? Because our internet got cut off and we need to have someone from the office help fix it. So, here is to a weekend of smelling the roses and not sticking my nose in the screen.