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The very first weekend we were here, some friends took us to Kapchagay. This is a reservoir, man made lake, about 1 hour north of the city. I have to say that most of the other foreigners in my office are not real excited about the place– but we had a great place.

The main problem with the lake is actually the people. Sadly, like too many of the places I have lived, trash is a problem. Littering is too. People go to visit these lovely sites and just dump their trash; too often there are no provided receptacles.

I am not, in any way, excusing America or Americans from this behavior. Let’s admit it– there is trash in the roads in America. However, I feel like it is at least frowned on generally.

We went to the lake with some local friends, including my GWB (Grad school) friend. They were equally dismayed by the trash. In the end, we ended up having a great time at Assorti– a place that did provide trash bins and clearly picked up their beach.

Before settling on one place though… we checked out a bunch of others. The entire lake is filled with little resorts and beaches. These places range from a guy sitting on a chair collecting money to hotel facilities with restaurants and pools. One thing that every place had in common was a barrier to vehicles. You had to pay to get in.

I would have never guessed– but you can park your car outside the barrier and then check out the beach. No place had any problem with us all unloading from the cars and traipsing in.

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  1. The littering is sad isn’t it? I went for a walk by the Mississippi last week and saw all the trash on the shores. It’s like if people don’t feel like it will affect them they will just dump their trash anywhere.

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