Can you say “Global Warming”?

A couple weeks ago, I posted about the Chilean boat that was thrown into the shores during a wind storm. That was wierd. This is weirder:

This is where I grew up. I have driven past that corner, that accounting shop, thousands of times in my life. Dan and Helen live maybe a mile away; my parents too!

According to the local paper, “The damage caused by a near-record deluge that flooded basements and swamped businesses exceeded $28.5 million in Milwaukee County, according to the initial estimate Friday from Sheriff David Clarke Jr. Gov. Jim Doyle declared the county to be in a state of emergency Friday, an action that directs state agencies to assist the effort to repair damage caused by Thursday’s deluge.”

I first heard how bad it was when I saw a picture of an intersection 4 blocks from my parent’s place that had a sinkhole.  One that pulled down an Escalade and some traffic lights.

Needless to say, my thoughts are with friends and family back home in Wisconsin.  Hope everyone is okay!



  1. Whoa! I forgot that you were from Wisconsin. (We could be practically neighbors!). The second video with the crazy current was insane. I remember a couple of years ago when Northern Maine got a lot of rain and my friend was studying there at the time. The town (which was at a lower alititude that the surrounding areas) filled up like a soup bowl and almost everything was destroyed or damaged. It was very unusual weather for the area.

    I do hope that they are able to rebuild or that perhaps not as much was damaged as it seems.

    • What People don’t understand that Global Warming doesn’t mean were just going to have Hotter Summers

      What it means is that the Oceans water Temperature is Rising and with the Rising Ocean Temps. also mean that the Polar Ice Caps are Melting at a Very high rate

      What to expect from Global Warming
      Severe Flash Floods, Tornado’s in Places where their has never been a Tornado. Hail Storms, Storms that seam to come out of No where and a More Active Hurricane Seasons
      More Snow than Normal
      All the Melted Polar Caps are Melting and giving everyone in the World Extreme Weather
      Kathy Bryan

      The Polar Ice Caps could be Melted by 2010 According to Sientist raising the Ocean to 20 FT…That will mean allot of Land will be underground

      • I agree
        I didn’t want to say that and Cause Mass Hysteria but if People really knew that the Whole World will be in Crisis
        Polar Ice also, Stores Gases that are Poisonous to us
        Most People do not understand that Pure Oxygen and it too is stored in the Polar Ice can be Deadly Poison to us all
        I don’t know the Exact Amount of what we Breathe in the Air but Basically are 80% Nitrogen, 12% Nitrogen and the rest Argon
        The Oxygen will be put into the air according to NASA and could kill us all

        Go on Google and See what NASA Has to say about Global Warming and Deadly Gases

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