Seriously? What is going on with the weather??

So, we are going to interrupt the regularly scheduled introduction to Kazakhstan pieces, because I woke up to see this in the news:

This is the city of Valparaiso, where I went to college (1 semester) and completed my Fulbright.  It is my dream to live someday in Valparaiso and its sister city, Viña del Mar.  My host home country of Chile has already suffered so much this year with the 8.8 magnitude earthquake, resulting tsunami, and hundreds of aftershocks.  I hate to see Mother Nature taking another strike in the form of a wind storm that pushed this boat into the land.



  1. We just got back from Seba’s parents’ beach house because a giant pine tree fell on the roof! Did a significant amount of damage to the shingles so the roof is now leaking, but fortunately the tree managed to fall RIGHT on one of the main structural beams so it didn’t crash through. The windstorm was crazy!

  2. Hi!
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