Strife in Kyrgyzstan

I have received a lot of kind emails concerned about my family’s and my own personal safety, thank you.

I have also gotten several emails about what is actually happening in the region.

Yesterday, the troubles in Kyrgyzstan made the front cover of The Express, also know as the local DC metro newspaper.  They are not well known for their international, in depth, coverage.  Mostly, they are just something to read on the way to work.

So, I bullet pointing some good reporting on the situation below.  Also, I want to point out that while I will be working in Kyrgyzstan from time to time, I will be living in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  Please see the above map to find me (in Kazakhstan), friends from GWB in Kyrgyzstan), and the epicenter of the violence, Osh (in Kyrgyzstan)

That said, it is clear from the reports that the situation is truly awful.  In fact, from what I hear from friends on the ground, it is worse then being reported in terms of violence, casualties and refuges. Central Asia has not faced this type of catastrophe in a long time.  Honestly, I am not sure they are able to manage the humanitarian crisis now—much less if it were to get worse.



  1. I read about this and it sounds extremely sad and not to mention complicated because of all the strange political ties and ethnic groups. Thanks for posting on it.

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