A referral to the fraud department

I travel for my job.  I live in lots of different countries.  I have banked in many of them– all in fact, except Chile who would not give me a bank account! But, I still bank in the US.  My salary is generally deposited here. My savings (if I had them) would be kept here.  My loans are collected here.  You get my point.

I have several credit cards– doesn’t every American? But I have one in particular that I use when overseas. It is the only card I have which doesn’t charge me a transaction fee for doing things in foreign currency.  These fees can be huge and even when they are not– they add up.

So, I called that credit card to tell them I was moving overseas.  The conversation was frustrating to say the least.  Here is what went wrong:

  1. The nice young woman told me that she could only put a travel announcement on for 2 months.  After 6o days I would need to call in and make another one.
  2. She informed me that it would be no problem for me to call in every 2 months for 2 years because I could do so collect. (Is my time not worth anything?)
  3. She told me that I needed to talk to her boss because there was a problem.
  4. Talked to young man (her boss) and went through steps 1 through 3 again.  Only, at 3, I was told I needed to talk to the fraud department because I had had too many overseas moves. – Did I mention I work in International Development.  The “international” part explains the moving.
  5. I spoke to a young man, from Turkey, in the fraud department.  He was the first person who knew where Kazakhstan was.  He asked how my parent’s felt about it (They are used to the idea by now and excited, I think). He promises I won’t have to call in every 60 days.

Over two hours later, I have one credit card down. Yikes! I know how my time will be spent the week after the Russian test (calling all th other cards).



  1. Amazing story Clare, but not surprised. It seems they hire the lowest common denominator, similar to health insurance companies.

  2. after i used my credit card in the falklands, i was sent a new one and my old one was cancelled because they decided it must be fraud. of course, i was in antarctica for three weeks after that so had no idea. imagine my surprise in ushuaia to find my card no longer worked:) when i called, they had no idea where i was. gave up til i was home.

  3. My CC gets cancelled regularly( It usually happens when not in Chile but travelling international when i need it most & don’t have as many possibilities to call their fraud department.

    hope you will be able to sort it out.

    Say hi to Borat if he is in Kazakhstan 😉

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