US Trafficking Legislation

I haven’t posted on human trafficking for a while; so, when I got an email today with an update on 2010 trafficking legislationg, I thought I should share. Here is what it said:

I wanted to share some exciting news with you. So far this year a total of 25 human trafficking-related state bills have passed! There are several significant milestones. Here are just a few of them:

  • Alabama enacted its first-ever law criminalizing human trafficking. There are now 44 states with an anti-trafficking crime on the books!
  • Washington and Connecticut enacted laws that largely eliminate criminal responsibility for prostitution on the part of child victims of sex trafficking. A similar bill passed the Illinois legislature yesterday!
  • The Vermont Governor signed the Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force and Research Commission Bill!
  • Three states, including Maryland, Washington, and Oregon enacted laws requiring posting information about the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline.

Click here for a full report of the summary of state laws and legislative activity from January through May 21 of this year.  Some legislatures are still in session so stay tuned!  For a full list of legislative successes please click here.


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