Language teaching and language learning

I have been so wrapped up in my Russian studies, that I am becoming incapable of speaking of other topics. And, I fear, this Russian information is simply not of interest to me readers. Or, really, my family and friends who are around me and subjected to it daily!

Still, I do have a complaint… because it is frustrating. And yet, I am sure, that I could do no better.

We are being taught by native speakers– clearly this is the way to go. And, honestly, I have had some truly wonderful teachers and no bad ones. But, now that we are to the point of really needing to understand nuance, I sometimes wish I had a teacher whose native language was English as well as Russian. To often I ask does this mean X? I am told “no, it means Y”. Only problem? X is a synonym of Y.

Also, I am still very confused by the fact that the exact same verb can be persecute and pursue. I mean? Aren’t they quite different concepts?


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