Not quite a New Year’s resolution

Wow.  I have been on a serious blogging hiatus.  In part you can blame the week I spent at an immersion camp, speaking Russian 24/7 for 5 days with no access to internet.  It was a good experience, although it kind of reminded me of Spanish Camp from when I was a kid– only surrounded by people I work with and alcohol.

Then we had to get S ready for his trip back to Chile and me ready to be alone in the house with the dog.  Its funny, I have gotten so used to him being here, that I don’t know what to do with myself when he is not.  Aparently, part of what I do is eat more donuts, cook less meals and watch the entire first season of Better of Ted on Netflix.  Hilarious.

Also, I have been studying.  That is really my goal for the time while S is gone.  Speaking of goals, Darcie, who I know in real life, is putting her monthly goals on her blog and updating with a color code at the end. I thought I would follow suit:

  1. Study Russian for 3 hours a day outside of work hours.
  2. Finalize the date for our move to Kazakhstan.
  3. Buy S a ticked so he can come home.
  4. Take Harley on a long walk (over an hour) at least 5 times a week.
  5. Cook real meals even though I am the only one to eat them.
  6. Call an Aunt who is in rehab weekly to check up.
  7. Figure out what will stay in storage and what will be packed into which shipments.
  8. Leave house at least once a week for something that is fun– not work or shopping related.
  9. Bring car to car wash and change oil.
  10. Watch at least one Russian movie per week.

There.  Now you have them. Hold me to them.



  1. I noticed your blog vacation. Russian language camp sounds cool!

    I watched the entire first season of Better of Ted in an afternoon. It cracked me up. I loved it. Now, I miss it.

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