I am good at eating!

So, we broke down and did it. We got Netflix.  Honestly, being how much S and I love movies and TV series, we probably should have done this earlier.  The second movie we got was Julie and Julia, which I have been dying to see.  Let’s just say that I had put it on the list and S grumbled when it came.  He was a good sport about watching it with me though— and in the end he really liked it.

These two pieces should explain why I loved it and why I relate to it:

This is why S loved it.  The Food!

And while we watched it, we could smell from the kitchen, the aroma of my very first Cornish hen.  The first, in fact, that S had ever eaten. We took a break from the movie, to eat. I can’t say it was the best ever; but the stuffing was delicious and it was a solid first attempt. Also, thanks Dad, who over the phone explained how to carve it in two.  (the trick was a big heavy night and just pressing straight down).  And returned, still riveted to Julie and Julia.

I guess it would be good to note that Julie, in the movie, received Julia (Child)’s cook book for her 30th birthday.  My 30th is just around the corner…. today, in the mail, arrived my present, from S (all his idea).

Volume I and II!



  1. Aww, I was got hooked on Julia as well last summer and her kitchen was my VERY FIRST stop in the Smithsonian. They show her episodes on PBS (i like her chicken one).

  2. Vol II has most of my best soup recipes. The white bean soup with eggplant and tomato finish is especially good and hearty in cold weather, which we have in Wisconsin from time to time.

  3. Have fun with that daunting looking cookbook. I saw the movie and even while she was saying that Julia Child made it “easy” to master French cooking it still looked complicated to me.

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