Snow as prozak?

I have already mentioned the snow— and if you are in the region at all, I am sure that you have been inundated with the news of it. How exactly can news shows run 24 hour a day snow watches? I mean, really, isn’t it a bit much.

That said, my commentary is not about the overwhelming coverage and sensationalism of the storm. It is about how the snow effects people.

Every day I walk Harley on the same route through the same neighborhood. Actually, it happens several times a day. Every day, neighbors see me doing it. No one ever greets me. I do my business, they do theres, and most importantly (for me) Harley does hers and we can go home. Then it snowed. I continued to walk Harley. People stop me to make sure she is okay (the snow is well over her head). People comment “what a nice day for a stroll”. They ask if the dog has boots? They ask if I live in the neighborhood and how long we have been here for. Kids ask if I like the snow. I ask if they have made snow angels yet. They show me their fort as their mothers’ look on.

Why is snow like prozak? Why does it take a HUGE storm to make neighbors neighborly?


  1. I agree – I was at the grocery store yesterday and everyone was oh so happily chatting with each other about the snow, the power outages, forecast for yet more snow. Way more chatting between strangers than normal.

    (I live in the snow-covered area too, in case you can’t tell. In fact we are well underway with more snow right now.)

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