New wheels

It is official.  We bought a car. This is the first car I have bought— and it is new to boot!  So, here are my comments:

  • Definitely test drive.  There were cars that I ended up loving after driving (the Nissan Rouge AWD that we bought) and there were things that I found out that I didn’t realize earlier (RAV4’s back door opens like a real door thus making it hard to open if someone is parked behind you, and the Mitsubishi outlander dashboard was hard to read)
  • We did end up negotiating via email.  This worked better for me.  I could get a quote and then go somewhere else and get them to match or beat it.  I wouldn’t have been able to do this running back and forth.
  • The phrase “out the door price” really helped as different dealers had different ways of calculating cost, extras, and fees.  Thank you Dan for telling me that one!
  • Although, we didn’t really care about the color, I love the bright blue of my brand new Nissan.
  • We were really lucky we didn’t choose the Rav4 (our initial first choice) as it was recalled the day after we bought the car!
  • I am learning that I simply don’t want to know if others got a better price or if I could have haggled down a little more (I probably could have).  But, I just want to be happy with my new car and with the fact that my commute has gone from 120 minutes to 40 per day!


  1. Very proud of how you handled it, and especially your last point. One point I always stress to folks buying a vehicle is that one is buying the service department from the dealership, and while it can be serviced elsewhere, no one will be as likely to take care of it as will the selling dealership. In your case, you will be leaving the country soon, so it may not matter. Some service departments are much better at customer service than others, and especially for someone who is not mechanically inclined, you depend on their honesty and integrity when you bring it back for any kind of service, and ALL vehicles need service.

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