Buying stuff

So, I am currently, via email, negotiating for a better price on our first car as a couple. I would like to give props the suggestion on my last post (the salesman who only thought I could be interested in the color of a car even thought I was talking car) that I should have asked for PINK and pitched a fit when it didn’t come in my favorite shade! Ha!

Anyways, saw a piece on smallest houses and thought I should share.  (It is, in fact, another thing people buy— just not the person who writes this blog).

And, my favorite, didn’t have a video, but can be found HERE along with the story.



  1. I’m not even kidding, two weeks ago I was looking at those blueprints and trying to talk Oscar into building a tiny house when we move to North Carolina. The plans I wanted did have a full shower, though. The idea of getting rid of all our crap and not having to spend hours cleaning was like sooooo liberating.

    He wasn’t into the idea.

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